Web Malware Isolation Appliance

Powerful Protection –
Simple Installation

The Isla Malware Isolation Appliance family delivers uncompromising protection in an easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage package. Appliances are available in a range of configurations supporting between 90 and 1800 concurrent users enabling you to easily scale the solution to your needs.

Isla Clients – Connecting All Your Endpoints

Isla supports the full range of enterprise endpoint systems, Windows, Mac and Linux with a dedicated viewer agent which installs on the endpoint and provides dedicated access to the Isla Appliance.

Isla also provides an innovative HTML5 based “Zero Client” which is automatically “pushed” into the endpoints’ current web browser.

Isla Control Center – Centralized Management and Control

The Isla solution includes the Isla Control Center, which provides IT security managers with the tools required for fast deployment and management of Isla appliances across the enterprise.

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