Don’t let the CyberGrinch steal your
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Holiday Season Data Breaches

Every year around the holidays present the perfect opportunity for cyber-attacks to occur in organizations across the country. Companies around the world seek to close the year strong with an increase in sales, meet their targets, and experience high levels of demand for their services making access to ­ les and systems even more essential.


Checklist For Keeping Your Network Cyber Safe This Holiday Season

Over the past few years, we’ve seen cyber attack rates steadily increase during the holiday season with a 20% increase in attacks during the month from Thanksgiving and Christmas. As the holidays can get a little bit crazy, so we’ve created a checklist that you can share with your team to keep your network safe and avoid any security breach.


Top 5 Ways Your Network Vulnerability is Increased This Holiday Season

The holiday season brings the joy, excitement, and anticipation of celebrations with friends and family to people all over the world. As we rush to prepare for these festivities, we look for ways to be more efficient, get the best deal on gifts and balance work and travel to visit family for the holidays.


Stop the CyberGrinch: Protect Against Holiday Season Cyberbreaches
Rajiv Raghunarayan, VP – Products & Kim Thomson, Manager – Product Marketing Dec -05, 2018

The holiday season brings unexpected surprises, don’t let malware be one of them. With a 20% increase in cyber-attacks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, cybersecurity should be a top priority this holiday season.

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