Cyber Security For Digital Business

Cyber Security Roundtable series

Mumbai, Wednesday, 16 November, 2016
Venue: CJ Hall, ITC Grand Central, Parel

In the modern business milieu, where revenues from digital business are estimated to grow to a staggering 37% in the next five years, organizations are rapidly reimagining existing and newer business models to exploit this opportunity. The focus has now shifted to instituting seamless, consistent and connected interactions between business and customers.

With digital transformation becoming a key business enabler in the digital world, security leaders today have to open up, inter-operate and yet ensure security of their enterprise in an increasingly hostile environment. Two primary threats keep every CIO awake at night – the threat of unauthorized or fraudulent access to sensitive data and the threat of web-borne malware attacks.

We invite you to listen to leading digital and security experts from the US and India as they share
their views and thoughts on how to Secure your Digital Business.

Come join the conversation.



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