Email Security for Office 365

Close the email security gaps in Microsoft 365 by isolating links and attachments to prevent email attacks via web and native Outlook clients.

Stop bad things from happening even if you cannot stop end users from clicking email links and attachments

Attackers are opportunistic. During the pandemic, many hackers have taken advantage of victims’ search for information. Luring online users into opening malicious emails, links, and attachments, criminal groups have preyed on victims’ insecurities during a precarious time. Islolating email links and attachments prevents email attacks without compromising the user experience.

Enhance Office 365 Email Security
without compromising User Productivity

Lest we forget, organizations do business to make money. We want perfect security for our organizations but our users aren’t perfect. We have to protect humans, yet humans make mistakes. Fortunately, security no longer must come at the cost of productivity.

  • Deploy a simpler, stronger email security architecture without impacting UX
  • Enable seamless and secure access to email links and attachments from the web and native email clients
  • Prevent email-based malware and cyber attacks
  • Prevent credential theft without blocking websites
  • Enforce acceptable use policy without stopping users from doing their job

The primary infection vectors for ransomware and phishing are social engineering via web requests or email.*

Protect Users from Email Links

  • Ensure all email links are opened via an isolated remote browser
  • Ensure policy-based controls at the user, group or organization level

Protect Users from Email Attachments

  • Quarantine email​
  • Remove malicious attachments from email​
  • Render malicious attachments in a safe file format (PDF)​
  • Policy based: Allow/Disallow all/none based on attributes (size, type, etc.)​

Support Webmail and Native Email Clients

  • Protect email whether viewed in the desktop email application, such as Outlook, or in a web browser

Close Email Security Gaps in Office 365

Quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use cloud-focused email security solution

Enable email security with policy controls at the user, group or organization level with minimal effort and maximum impact

Protect against malicious attachments delivered to web and traditional email clients

Isolate links and scan attachments to prevent ransomware and phishing attacks through email

No architecture requirement to alter Mail Exchanger (MX) records. No changes required to the email flow

Deploys via Office 365 connector – standard, API based.

The user experience with and without isolation remains consistent from an end-user perspective.

​Minimizes end user learning and eases adoption

Security exists to support the broader business.

For any change to stick, a business case must be made for a new security measure, linked to the overall company objectives.

– Neil Daswani, Author of Big Breaches: Cybersecurity Lessons for Everyone and Director Stanford Advanced Security

4% of users will always click on a malicious link in a phishing email, no matter what**

Some users will always click on an email attachment or link, no matter how much you train them. Instead of trying to stop users from clicking, let Cyberinc Isla prevent the bad things from happening.

Resources: *SANS Ransomware Special Report, **Verizon DBIR

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