Isla Control Center

Ease of Deployment, Efficient Monitoring and Administration

The Isla Malware Isolation Platform includes the Isla Control Center feature, which provides IT Administrators with the tools required for faster deployment and management of Isla appliances across the enterprise.

Isla Control Center helps you manage Isla implementations efficiently and effectively. It comes with a unified view for deploying, configuring and managing Isla appliances – at single or across multiple locations, for provisioning and updating user accounts and for monitoring, tracking web traffic across the enterprise. It is easy to generate a report that will check user histories, against a database and determine if users have been to any questionable sites.

Key features

Leverage Architectural Flexibility

Isla appliances and the Control Center management console can be deployed in various configurations to address your organization’s specific operational and security objectives.

Centrally Monitor and Manage All Your Isla Appliances

  • Administration
  • Monitoring
  • Alerting

Efficiently Manage User Provisioning and Controls

Control Center enables administrators to execute commands such as resetting passwords, disconnecting users, and changing permissions. It also monitors user activities, including historical activities of specific users as well as current views across multiple users.

Access Intuitive Dashboards and Reports

Control Center operational dashboards provide instant, high-level views of operational status, including current day’s usage, most recent alerts, most active users, and most visited domains.

Isla Malware Isolation Appliance when combined with Control Center,
enables IT administrators to manage the entire Isla deployment optimally

Key Benefits


Provides one place to manage all systems and users, helping optimize efficiency and productivity of the IT Dept.


Intuitive reporting and dashboards enable quick identification of issues

Strengthen policy enforcement

Centralized visibility and management helps the IT Dept. consistently enforce web usage policies across the appliances and the enterprise


Consolidated web access logs help you can see and control what users are doing on the web

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