If 2% of your effort delivered 98% impact,

would you choose not to?

What if you could stop breaches before they happen? With Isla Isolation Platform you can stop threats without trying to identify specific threat attributes and protect from an unsafe Internet without needing massive security teams.

Meet with an Isolation expert to find out how you can eliminate all malware with a proactive approach and get ahead of attackers using the Isla Isolation Platform.


Does my browser need a stunt double?

Speaker: Rajiv Raghunarayan, SVP, Products & Marketing, Cyberinc

The world’s a different place today than it was 6 months ago. Remote working is an accepted normal, cloud applications are front-and-center regardless of the industry, and the browser is the de facto endpoint for many applications and users. But threats continue unabated, even though it’s nearly 50 years since the first malware was written in 1971. Protection against the ever-changing threats requires rethinking our approach to end user security. Security must be an enabler, has to be scalable, and needs to be simpler.


Security Simplified – Learn More

Can ‘Data Backup’ save your face during a ransomware attack? Think again

The University of Utah paid $457K to prevent hackers from leaking the data.

Remote Browser Isolation– A Zero Trust Cybersecurity Solution

Find out how Zero Trust approach with isolation technology will reduce cybersecurity risk to your organization.

Guide to Browser

Browser Isolation is a simple yet effective solution that delivers immediate protection.

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