BPT Introduces Cyberinc’s ISLA® Web Malware Isolation System in Indonesia: to help prevent Web-borne Malware Attacks

Isla uses pioneering & innovative isolation technology that prevents all web-borne Malware from entering the enterprise’s network

August 1, 2017, Jakarta

Blue Power Technology (BPT), a subsidiary of CTI Group,  announced that it has signed a strategic agreement with US headquartered Cyberinc for introducing ISLA Malware Isolation System in Indonesia. Isla is an industry pioneering product, that protects organizations from the most advanced web borne threats by isolating all web content outside the network perimeter. This unique approach eliminates the risk of drive-by-downloads, malvertizing, advanced phishing attacks and virtually all malware originating from the Web while delivering a familiar web browsing experience to the user. Isla has been successfully deployed to financial institutions, the government and other highly targeted industries in North America and Europe. Starting August 1, 2017, Isla will be available to all corporate and government organizations in Indonesia through BPT’s sales and distribution network.

Lugas M. Satrio, President Director of BPT said, “The increasing trend of cyber-attacks are indicating the ineffectiveness of the security technologies that exist today. They have not been able to cope with the speed with which new virus/malware are being released. The situation certainly creates anxiety for both CIOs and businesses, where their employees spend a considerable amount of time on the Internet, everyday. Indonesia is the fastest growing country with respect to the number of internet users in the world with a 51% growth year-on-year (1). Isla’s value proposition that it can provide complete web freedom is a compelling one. We are very happy to be introducing Isla to Indonesian market and we look to growing business and accelerating revenue growth”

Detect & Respond Vs. Isolation
Cyberattacks have been on the rise all over the world. A study by Ponemon Institute shows that 81% of virus / malware attacks occur through the web browser application (2). Conventionally, security solutions for the browser use a ‘detect and respond’ approach. With almost a strand of malware released every second, the old approach of detect and respond is no longer a viable or feasible option. The conventional ‘detect and respond’ approach no longer holds good as not all web-borne malware that enters the enterprise network can be detected.

Cyberinc’s ISLA Malware Isolation system prevents all untrusted web code, including known and unknown web malware from entering the firewall of a corporate network. Isla physically separates and isolates the web browser and all code, including potential web malware on its own appliance.

According to Gartner, isolation technology is one of the TOP 10 technologies for security in 2017 (3). The research company found that browser-based attack is the most frequent attack that users experienced and isolation technology is rated the most effective method for isolating the browsing function from the rest of the endpoint and corporate network. Therefore, malware is kept off of the end user’s system and the enterprise has significantly reduced the surface area for attack.

Samir Shah, CEO of Cyberinc said “Indonesia has 132 million active internet users (4). With cyberattacks on the rise, a next generation cybersecurity product is needed. Isla is the ideal product for enterprises to secure their end-users against web-borne malware attacks. We are very pleased to bring Isla to Indonesia in partnership with BPT. BPT has strong business-partner networks, reliable technical expertise, and a credible track record in information security. Together we will use Isla to help secure enterprises for this digital era”

About Blue Power Technology

PT. Blue Power Technology is a leading IT distributor in Indonesia founded in 2011. Being a fully supported member of the PT. Computrade Technology International (CTI) Group of companies, BPT has gradually earned an outstanding reputation in its paralleled expertise and on-time product distribution and service in the IT industry.

With IBM as its main product, BPT also chosen as the value-added distributor for FireEye, Extreme Networks, Imperva, Varonis, Lenovo, ESRI, AOSIF, and Riello. BPT provides all-rounded service for companies to integrates and modernizes the IT system and process to respond the changing in the industry and reduce operational cost and risk of the company. For more information, visit http://www.bluepowertechnology.com/

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc is a subsidiary of Aurionpro and delivers advanced security solutions for enterprises. Its offerings include secure, scalable, high performance security products that protect from cyber-attacks, and services that help enterprises transition to next generation access management systems.
For more information, please visit: www.cyberinc.com.


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