Cyberinc’s Browser Security Platform Named a 2020 EMA Top 3 Solution for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services

Cyberinc Isla Recognized as a Leading Provider of Secure Access to Web Services; Considered Critical Protection of Remote Workforces from Ransomware, Phishing and Other Malware

San Ramon, CA, July 14, 2020 – Cyberinc today announced that Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading IT and data management research and consulting firm, has named Cyberinc Isla Isolation Platform in the Top 3 solutions for enabling secure access to web services in 2020.

Included in the report titled “EMA Top 3 Report: Ten Priorities for Enabling Secure Access to Enterprise IT Services” by EMA Analyst Steve Brasen, Cyberinc Isla was chosen in the Top 3 because of its ease of deployment and use, powerful ability to effectively eliminate all web-based threats, intuitive administrative visibility and controls to protect and monitor threats, and overall value as critical security control for protecting remote and work-anywhere workforces.

Secure web access starts with securing the browser

According to EMA research, more than 80% of organizations today rely on web-hosted services to support business operations and enable workforce productivity. In many enterprises, users function entirely by performing tasks on web-hosted services. Requirements to enable secure web access have accelerated in order to support increased remote work initiatives in the wake of the global pandemic.

Unfortunately, web browsers have proven to be susceptible to malicious exploitation. Poor user practices for password management, clickbait avoidance, and phishing entrapment all contribute to the exposure of web sessions to malicious exploitation. Browser isolation is one of the best ways to not just prevent but eliminate these risks and many types of costly web-based threats.

“The browser – the gateway to the cloud – is now considered an essential endpoint to protect. With the vast majority of cyber threats targeting users through applications and services accessed by the browser, it is also one of the biggest vulnerabilities companies today must secure,” said Brasen. “Organizations dependent on web-hosted services to support business operations must ensure fast, easy, and safe connectivity to HTML-based content and services, and Cyberinc’s Isla browser isolation solution is one of the best products we found to achieve just that.”

Leveraging survey-based research, EMA has identified the ten leading priorities businesses are considering when adopting secure access solutions in 2020. More than 100 vendor products were evaluated, and for each of the identified business priorities, the top three solution providers were determined and awarded with recognition in the report.

Providing secure access to web services is identified in the report as a top ten priority as the increased adoption of SaaS applications has reduced the cost and administration required for business productivity software, and has also opened the door to new threats to the endpoint. Organizations dependent on web-hosted services to support business operations must ensure fast, easy, and safe connectivity to web-based content and services.

“Remote browser isolation is one of the most powerful defenses a company can deploy against today’s most prevalent cyber threats. However, not all IT leaders are fully aware of the advantages browser isolation solutions provide in terms of simplicity, minimal impact on the user experience and almost immediate ROI,” said Rajiv Raghunarayan, Senior VP of Products and Marketing for Cyberinc. “Cyberinc Isla takes a unique approach by transforming all internet content into harmless visual streams delivered to the endpoint. This approach enables Isla to eliminate the web-based threats, while also preserving the end-user experience and ensuring productivity for employees browsing the web and accessing cloud services – whether in the office or remote.”

Cyberinc: Protecting the browser as the new endpoint

Cyberinc’s Isla Isolation Platform is differentiated for its ability to deliver a seamless end-user experience while creating a Zero Trust environment to secure all code, media objects, and scripts in a remote virtual browser, and transforming it into a stream of harmless pixels that are then rendered to each end device.

The Isla Isolation Platform offers protection against web, email, and document-based attacks by eliminating the organization’s attack surface and reducing the impact of the major threat vectors. Isla covers both unmanaged and managed endpoints through a proxy-based agentless deployment to secure all standard browsers.

To help organizations gain immediate value in addressing the new work-from-home model, Cyberinc is offering businesses free use of the Isla Isolation Platform for up to 90 days for a maximum of users. Businesses can avail this offer till October 31, 2020. For more information and to sign up for Cyberinc’s free offer of the Isla platform, visit

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc is a leader and pioneer in isolation-based security. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cyberinc helps companies experience a safer internet by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats which account for roughly 90% of external information security attacks targeted at end users on the internet. The company’s flagship Isla platform uses cutting-edge isolation technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before they have a chance to act, simplifying organizations’ security strategy and delivering immediate protection. Cyberinc is trusted by businesses of all sizes and governments around the world. More information can be found at

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