Interchange partners with Cyberinc to shut down cyber threats

3-March, 2017, MARKETWIRED

Interchange Group, the award-winning specialists in the design and implementation of cutting-edge technology solutions, announces its partnership with Cyberinc, an Aurionpro Company and global leader in enterprise security.

“We are delighted to partner with Cyberinc,” said Henk Pomper, CEO of Interchange, “many of our clients work in regulated sectors, government and defence, so we continually review developments in the security market. We recognized that Cyberinc’s flagship product Isla® is a new and powerful web malware isolation system, a breakthrough in web browser security.”

Interchange has pioneered a dynamic approach to help clients solve emerging and ever-changing issues in the digital world. It uses its excellent customer relationships, technology knowhow and research expertise to assess trends and developments and it identifies which tech companies can offer clients significant and practical solutions.

“Part of our commitment is to work with clients as they seek ways to manage risk, stay secure and thrive in the digital age. It is why Cyberinc is a natural fit for our partner ecosystem,” Pomper continues.

Research suggests that cyber crime will cost businesses over $2 trillion by 2019 a year with web browsers presenting a particular vulnerability. Plus the cost of cyber attacks extends beyond immediate security breach recovery as it can impact negatively on the perception of a brand.

“Browsers have a massive attack surface loaded with code vulnerabilities that cyber criminals exploit,” explains Mike Nelsey, Managing Director, UK & Europe of Cyberinc. “Our solution is different as we don’t use any form of detection technology to guess whether web content is good or bad, instead, we solve this critical problem through the use of isolation technology.

“All web content stays outside of an organization’s network and that means complete protection against web malware.”

Commenting on the partnership with Interchange, Nelsey said: “This is a great opportunity for Cyberinc as Interchange is recognized for its ability to evaluate technology solutions that will work for business. And with its international sales and marketing resources, it is a partnership that will help us expand our footprint and ensure that more organizations can operate free of web malware.”

“Cyber security is a pressing issue,” adds Pomper, “which is why Cyberinc and Interchange will play an invaluable role in providing robust technology that is easy to deploy and manage.”

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About Interchange Group

Interchange is an award-winning provider of systems integration and mobile working solutions.

As change is constant Interchange works with customers, research and technology partners to identify today´s needs of CIOs and CEOs and introduce mission-critical software and hardware products to accommodate them. Offering a blend of leading technology solutions, devoted managed services and consultancy has helped customers to thrive.

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc offerings include secure, scalable, high performance security products that protect from cyber attacks, and services that help enterprises transition to next generation access management systems. Our flagship product offering, the Isla Malware Isolation platform can help deliver 100% web freedom from malware based attacks and our comprehensive IAM solutions have secured over 100 million identities for world’s leading corporations in the last 20 years. Combining our “best in class” products and services enables clients to effectively address their toughest cyber security challenges. For further details, visit:

About Aurionpro

Aurionpro Solutions (NSE: AURIONPRO) (BSE: 532668) is a Aurionpro is global technology solutions leader that helps clients accelerate their digital innovation, securely and efficiently. We combine core domain expertise, thought leadership in innovation, security and banking, to leverage industry leading IP, and deliver measurable business results for global corporations.

With revenues of over $108MN USD and employing more than 1,300 experts across North America, Asia, and Europe, the company has been named among the top 100 technology companies for Financial Services worldwide in 2014. For more information, visit

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