New SANS Institute Reports Advocate for Remote Browser Isolation and Assess the Effectiveness of the Cyberinc Isla Isolation Platform

With Ransomware on the Rise and New Remote Work Models, Cyberinc Proactively Stops Internet-based Attacks with Minimal Impact on the User Experience

San Ramon, CA, August 4, 2020 Cyberinc today announced that SANS Institute, the leading independent provider of security research and education, has published an independent review of Cyberinc’s Isla Remote Browser Isolation Platform based on its own testing and analysis. Written by SANS Analyst Matt Bromiley, the review concludes that Cyberinc Isla is an ideal, easily deployed and administered tool to protect employees, devices and networks against prominent web attacks.

The latest report follows Bromiley’s earlier research, “All Roads Lead to the Browser: A SANS Buyer’s Guide to Browser Isolation,”which underscores the critical need for remote browser isolation in the enterprise as a way to proactively stop ransomware, phishing and other Internet-based threats. With evolving remote work models and organizations’ increasing reliance on the cloud, Bromiley’s report asserts that the browser has become the new endpoint – and securing it through an isolation platform is key to stopping prominent attacks before they can strike.

In his assessment of Cyberinc Isla, Bromiley finds that the platform provides “a truly isolated web browser coupled with a near-seamless end user experience,” and also states, “With Isla, it’s highly likely that attackers may not get a foothold into the organization. This may change your approach toward detection. Latter stages of the attack life cycle may never occur—freeing up your security team to tackle other issues within the organization, rather than constantly responding to threats that likely should’ve been blocked in the first place.”

The full report is available here.

“The majority of successful endpoint compromises such as ransomware, phishing, credential theft and others successfully target users through the browser, as demonstrated by recent high-profile breaches in which attackers infiltrated and encrypted files, impairing the company’s customers and brand. Such attacks can be eliminated with browser isolation,” said Rajiv Raghunarayan, SVP of Products and Marketing for Cyberinc. “Cyberinc Isla isolates the browser to deliver a simple, effective defense against attacks before they cause damage. Isla not only secures employees from prominent threats, it also relieves security teams from ‘alert fatigue’ that prevents them from focusing on critical tasks – all while retaining the end-user experience.”

Key takeaways from Bromiley’s review of Cyberinc Isla include:

  • The Isla setup process is very simple and straightforward—something we consider crucial to success.
  • Isla provides a seamless browsing experience for users, hardly impacting any normal web browsing or business applications we needed to access.
  • Isla includes robust management, user control and reporting, allowing for an easy scope into the threats and activity within the enterprise.

The report goes on to say: “Overall, we were very pleased with Isla. We are constantly looking for novel ways to mitigate attacker techniques; with a focus on the browser, Isla gave us insight into the organization typically achieved with significantly more effort. Furthermore, Isla provides fantastic data into user activity, and would be an excellent addition to organizations of all maturities.”

Focus on securing the browser as the new endpoint

With ransomware and phishing attacks that target prominent brands making news headlines nearly every week, the SANS Buyer’s Guide makes the case for the value that browser isolation brings to corporate IT and security professionals. As stated in the report, “Browsers pose an interesting security concern: They tend to be one of the most frequently used applications for your users, but also are commonly involved in early stages of corporate intrusions. Thus, their security must be simultaneously seamless and highly effective.”

Furthermore, the report says “browser isolation focuses on limiting the impact that a browser can have on a victim system… current implementations are utilizing technology in a way that makes isolation seamless to the user, and extremely cost- and time-effective for the security team. Instead of heavy endpoint agents monitoring and intercepting browser activity, technology has allowed these solutions to be more seamless within the organization and provide native browser support.”

As described in Bromiley’s review, Cyberinc Isla is effective in delivering this type of seamless, native browser support to preserve the user experience and improve operational efficiencies. Download the SANS Browser Isolation Buyer’s Guide here.

Cyberinc: A pioneer in isolation-based cybersecurity solutions

Among the various browser isolation solutions in the market, the Isla Isolation Platform is unique in its ability to quickly create a Zero Trust environment by securing all code, media objects, and scripts in a remote virtual browser, and transforming it into a stream of harmless pixels that are then rendered to each end device. Isla proactively eliminates nearly all infections and compromises without compromising the user experience.

The Isla Isolation Platform offers protection against web, email, and document-based attacks by eliminating major threat vectors and reducing the organization’s attack surface. Isla covers both unmanaged and managed endpoints through agentless deployment with standard browsers.

To help organizations quickly benefit from the Isla Isolation Platform in addressing the new work-from-home model, Cyberinc is offering free 90-day use of the platform to companies and teams with up to 50 users. For more information and to sign up for Cyberinc’s free offer of the Isla platform, visit

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc is a leader and pioneer in isolation-based security. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Cyberinc helps companies experience a safer internet by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats which account for roughly 90% of external information security attacks targeted at end users on the internet. The company’s flagship Isla platform uses cutting-edge isolation technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before they have a chance to act, simplifying organizations’ security strategy and delivering immediate protection. Cyberinc is trusted by businesses of all sizes and governments around the world. More information can be found at

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