Cyberinc Announces the First-Ever Hybrid Isolation Security Solution with the Launch of Isla 4.0

March 5, 2019, San Ramon, USA

SAN RAMON, Mar. 5, 2019/PRNewswire/ — Cyberinc, an isolation-based cybersecurity company that proactively stops web, email, and document-based threats through true isolation, today announced the release of its Isla Isolation Platform, version 4.0. The platform release builds upon its flagship product offering expanding its capabilities through the introduction of a built-in proxy credential theft protection, and availability of cloud, on-premise, and hybrid deployments. The Isla 4.0 platform release delivers the most comprehensive isolation security solution on the market as Cyberinc continues its focus on a model of true isolation that eliminates localized execution & rendering on the endpoint.

“The benefits of using remote browser isolation are clear-cut. End-user devices are kept isolated from targeted attacks carried in web content. This can significantly reduce the risk of end-user systems being compromised. It should also be noted that remote browser isolation can thwart phishing attacks and credential theft by isolating the browser sessions invoked from email phishing attempts”, writes Gartner Distinguished VP Analyst, James Browning in his February 2019 research report.

The Isla 4.0 platform launch combines the controls of a traditional Secure Web Gateway (SWG) with the power of total isolation of web, document, and email. Isla’s new capabilities include:

  • Built-in proxy, expanding the ability to create policy-based URL filtering, in addition to optimizing bandwidth through content caching
  • Additional administrator insight into the organization’s security threats, managing the sites visited by their users, and ensuring a healthy balance between productivity and security
  • The ability to enforce controls over content downloads and protect against document-based threats
  • Protection against email attacks such as phishing, spearphishing, and credential theft
  • Deployment solution availability on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid

For the first time, companies can choose a hybrid isolation security deployment. This new capability allows companies to balance their deployments with an on-premise solution for employees who require access to sensitive, classified, compliance regulated, or protected information while allowing remote workers and additional worksites with the flexibility of protection within a cloud environment.

“As we interconnect everything, the sophistication & impact of threats means that we can no longer afford to be reactive. Our security needs to get ahead of the threats,” says Rajiv Raghunarayan, Vice President, Products at Cyberinc. “Traditional gateways that rely on policy limit productivity and are no longer sufficient against today’s threats. Isolation provides a unique model that can help change the game by balancing policy controls, productivity, and security. For security to be truly effective, we believe that every person, no matter organization size or where they work geographically, should be able to access information to get their job done without compromising security. Isla is built on those principles.”

The announcement coincides with the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco, where Cyberinc is showcasing the new platform. Isla 4.0, including the Isla hybrid deployment, will be available to customers in April 2019. To request more information, please visit us at

About Cyberinc

Cyberinc helps companies experience a safer internet by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats. Cyberinc’s Isla platform uses cutting-edge isolation technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before they have a chance to act, simplifying the security strategy and delivering immediate protection. Cyberinc is trusted by businesses of all sizes and governments around the world.

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