Cybersecurity Education Series

SANS Webcast Isolation: one small step, one giant leap

Rajiv Raghunarayan, Jake Williams
(Cyberinc’s session at the SANS Malware and Ransomware Solutions Forum, 2020)


It’s almost 50 years since the first dawn of malware in 1971. That it’s still a challenge today will come as no surprise to those who live it every day. It’s an accepted fact of life. Of course, it’s evolved in terms of design, delivery, distribution, and even on-going support. There’s been no shortage of silver bullets over the years. As malware has evolved, so have the solutions.

So what’s new today? The world’s a different place today than even 6 months ago. Remote working is an accepted normal (where possible), cloud applications are front-and-center irrespective of the industry, and the browser is the defacto endpoint for many applications and users. It’s time to revisit that old foe and see how it’s evolving and understand if we can and need to do something different to minimize its impact today. Malicious attacks have cost the US economy anywhere between $57 to $109 billion. The global impact runs in trillions.

As we use the Internet every day, we continue to expose our endpoints and our businesses to various types of malware – ransomware, crypto-mining threats, rootkits, and more. Safeguarding against these ever-changing threats requires rethinking our approach to security. In a battle of security vs. productivity, productivity wins more often than we might like. But it needn’t always be a battle. Solutions that can open access to the users while safeguarding them can balance security with productivity, and allow our very own end-user (and security practitioner) “superheroes” to each achieve their successes in their battle against the real foe.

In this webcast, you can learn about:

  • The evolving nature of malware and ransomware
  • Why we still struggle to overcome them?
  • The changing role of the browser in the new world
  • Browser isolation – what is it? do I need it? is it another hype?
  • What can I do to get ahead in this game of chess?

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