Cybersecurity in the wake of recent attacks – Is Browser Isolation the solution?

Date: Wednesday, Oct-3, 2018
Time: 9:00 am to 10.00 am (US – PST)
Speaker: Rajiv Raghunarayan, Vice President – Product, Cyberinc

The spate of cyber-attacks continues with an increasing level of sophistication and precision and sometimes finding the easiest path – through the weakest link in the chain – the human factor. Businesses and even government organizations are constantly in an alarmed state having to deal with the aftermath of such attacks. Be it the case of City of Atlanta or the more recent SingHealth breach, it is evident that CIOs and CISOs across the globe need to re-assess their traditional security approach.


Rajiv Raghunarayan
Vice President – Products, Cyberinc 

What is Browser Isolation? And how can this technology aid CISOs, security leaders & practitioners in managing cyber threats?

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