Browser Isolation: A SANS Review of Cyberinc’s Isla.

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Cyberinc helps you experience a safer internet by proactively stopping web, email, and document-based threats. Cyberinc’s Isla Isolation Platform is grounded on the principle of Zero Trust Security and uses cutting-edge isolation technology to neutralize threats and prevent them before they have a chance to act, simplifying the security strategy and delivering immediate protection.

How Isla works


Since implementing Isla we haven’t rebuilt a single computer due to malware in four years

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“Security is crucial to our industry, but even with AV, VDI, IPS, etc., we were still rebuilding computers due to internet-based exploits. Restricting Internet access wasn’t an option given research and productivity impact.

Since deploying Isla, we haven’t rebuilt a single computer due to malware in four years. The time we spent on alerts and cleanup is available for other critical priorities. Isla has been a model product – the support very responsive – we wish all other products could be like Isla!”

Grant A. Langhus

Luana Bank


Our biggest concern was to keep the bad stuff out and the good stuff in – that’s just what we got with Isla.

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“Security being a prime concern for our clients from the motion picture industry, our production workstations could not have a direct connection to the internet. We needed a solution that could serve as a portal to the internet without any security vulnerabilities. That’s how we implemented Isla – It feels just like a browser and doesn’t alter the end user experience. Isla has helped us in adhering to robust internet security protocols and win new business.”

Jonathan Harb



I would highly recommend Isla Isolation Platform to customers focused on safeguarding their users seamlessly


“As our core business is recommending security solutions to the industry, we have always been focused on offering the most robust and reliable solutions. We came across Isla while vetting browser isolation solutions to enhance our organization’s security posture. The deployment was smooth, and we are happy with the results we have obtained with Isla. I would highly recommend Isla Isolation Platform to customers focused on safeguarding their users seamlessly.”

Mark Davis

CompNet Inc.


Security by Design

Move from a reactive-security model to security by design.


Remote Browser Isolation

What if you could stop breaches before they happen?


Rethink Cybersecurity

Rethink Cybersecurity: There is more at risk than you think is!

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Breaking Isolation: Is browser isolation sacrilege or a shrewd choice?

Is browser isolation sacrilege or a shrewd choice?


Now #ransomware disrupts Universal Health Services by locking its computers at several UHS hospitals & putting lives of several patients in danger. #BrowserIsolation keeps web-based threats off your network thereby ensuring the security of patients’ data.

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