Cyberinc Privacy Policy

Cyberinc has several key controls in place to maintain the security of our customers.

Cyberinc offers different deployment options – on-premise or in the cloud, to ensure customers can effectively align their deployment to their specific security requirements.

Cyberinc deploys appropriate security and privacy controls on our production systems, such as restricted access, separation of controls, and no access to customer systems without an agreement.

Cyberinc does not sell, lease, rent, or give away any customer-specific information gathered on Isla. Additionally, there is no sale of personal data in Cyberinc’s provisioning of the solution to customers. Cyberinc’s cloud service only retains security information that can help administrators understand user behavior, such as, browsing history, security events, file uploads and downloads. This is accessible to customer administrators. Cyberinc does not have access to this information. Data shared with Cyberinc Threat Intelligence is anonymized and primarily used as a threat intelligence exchange and for threat analysis to understand and improve the product.

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