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The Isla Malware Isolation Platform is an innovative browser isolation solution that helps keep all malware off your endpoints. Based on an isolation approach, Isla creates a virtual barrier between the web-browsing sessions and the enterprise endpoint. This ensures no active web-code is ever executed on an endpoint, resulting in a completely secure web-browsing experience at the endpoint. This easy- to-use, deploy and manage browser isolation solution is available across a range of configurations based on the number of concurrent users.

Isla Clients – Connecting All Your Endpoints

Isla Browser Isolation Appliance supports the full range of enterprise endpoint systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. Isla provides an innovative HTML5-based transparent client – “Zero Client” that transforms the standard web browser into a hardened environment with a minimal-to-zero impact on the user experience or the security team. The Isla client, which deploys automatically upon navigating to a website, helps retain the power and productivity benefits of a standard browser experience, while ensuring secure browsing through isolation-based security.

Isla Control Center – Centralized Management and Control

The Isla Browser Isolation solution includes the Isla Control Center, which facilitates centralized management and control of the Isla solution across the enterprise. Control Center is at the core of the appliance and enables authentication, authorization, and policy management along with deep analysis and rich reporting through robust dashboards.

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