Isla Isolation Platform

How Organizations Obtain the Strongest Security Balanced with the Best End-User Experience.

Email and Web Security built on the only platform with Smart Isolation

The Isla Isolation Platform moves trust away from the endpoint to safely fetch, execute, and render content with context-aware isolation powered by dynamic risk assessment and policy-based controls. Isla transforms code and content into a combination of remotely rendered visual stream and UX-optimized local rendering. With the Isla Platform, users experience seamless & safe access to the Internet. No compromise on experience, no compromise on security.

Isla Isolation Platform offers proactive email and web security

Email Security

Web Security

Seamless User Experience

Agentless Install

Deployment Flexibility

Security Stack Integrations

Isla is the must-have solution for your email and web security problems.

A Zero Trust Security Solution for Email and Web

Isla – built on the principle of Zero Trust – stops email and web threats at the door

  • Remote disposable browser shifts the risk away from the local browser
  • Two rendering models combined with Smart Isolation ensure organizations obtain the strongest security balanced with the best end user experience
  • Secure streaming model offers high security by performing the entire fetch-execute-and-render functions remotely, only harmless pixels touch the endpoint
  • UX optimized model balances security with optimal user experience by intelligently rendering potentially harmful elements of a page remotely while safe elements locally. Allows end users to maximize the native experience while minimizing the exposed browser footprint
  • Cyberinc Threat Intelligence Service (CTIS) identifies the risk levels of a page
  • Email Security integrates with O365 to block malicious attachments and isolate links to prevent attacks

The primary infection vectors for ransomware and phishing are social engineering via web requests or email.*

Smart Isolation

  • Provides risk-based rendering because web sites represent various levels of risk: web applications sites used for business, social media sites, fake links used to steal credentials, web pages used to download malware, malicious advertisements on good pages, etc.
  • Cyberinc Threat Intelligence Service (CTIS) identifies the risk-levels of a page using a combination of attributes including site reputation, recency of registration, registrar, cousin domains, etc.
  • Fetches and executes all web pages remotely, while rendering risky elements of the page (or risky pages) remotely, and less risky elements (or pages) locally.
  • The user experience for frequently used yet less risky pages will be native while ensuring security for elements that pose a risk.

Web Security

  • Enable seamless and secure access to web pages and secure link clicks
  • Built on the principle of Zero Trust to prevent the initial stages of web attacks
  • Prevent the initial stages of web attacks with a Zero Trust approach that renders web pages content remotely to ensure no malware ever reaches the endpoint
  • Proactively prevent attacks from entering your local network and spreading laterally
  • Prevent ransomware, phishing links, malvertising, and watering holes attacks from compromising your endpoint
  • Enforce acceptable use policy without stopping users from doing their job

Email Security

  • Secure your Microsoft 365 email users by isolating links and scanning attachments to prevent email attacks, such as ransomware and phishing
  • Prevents credential theft via lookalike sites with Isla Safe Surf, that renders suspicious as read-only
  • Enable seamless and secure email access from the web or native email clients e.g. Outlook, without worrying about the next click or malicious attachment

Risk-based Isolation

The strongest security balanced with the best user experience

Reduce the cybersecurity risk to your organization

Shrink the two largest attack surfaces – your email and the browser, to shrink business risk

Ensure seamless user experience

Security must adapt to the user needs. Isla minimizes end-user learning to ease adoption and improve security

Isolate your web browser from your network
while you work

Access powers productivity. Isolation eradicates your risk, not access by eliminating the favorite entry points for attackers

Quick to deploy and easy to use solution to protect web and email access

Agentless solution to simplify rollout with cloud and on-prem deployment options to align with business needs

Humans are a high risk yet cybersecurity is not the average user’s primary job.**

If security impacts UX, users will work around it. Fortunately, productivity must no longer be at the cost of web and email security. Now organizations can prioritize protecting users from bad things that happen when they click links without compromising their productivity. Using Smart Isolation and a Zero Trust model, Isla isolates all code coming through your web browser and neutralizes threats without the need for detection.

Obtain the strongest security for your organization balanced with the best end-user experience.

As security leaders and practitioners search for innovative tools to strengthen cybersecurity, the browser and email remain the largest carriers of unchecked active code. Isla Isolation Platform with Email and Web Security is a simple yet effective security solution that delivers immediate protection without any loss of productivity to the end-user.

References: *SANS Ransomware Special Report. **SANS blog, RSA: The Human Element

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