Cyberinc Announces Isla Isolation Platform Version 5, Offering the Broadest Deployment Options, Seamless User Experience and Enterprise Scalability

New Virtual Appliance Coupled with Platform Enhancements Maximize Flexibility, Simplicity and Performance to Ensure a Seamless User Experience

February 11, 2020, San Ramon, CA, USA

Cyberinc, a pioneer in isolation-based cybersecurity solutions, today announced version 5 of its flagship Isla Isolation Platform. The newest version features introduction of virtual appliances, making Isla one of the first browser isolation solutions to support flexible deployment models including on-premise or cloud, as well as physical or virtual deployments. Additionally, Isla version 5 offers greater ease of use and scalability and further simplifies deployment to deliver a seamless end-user experience.

Cyberinc’s Isla Isolation Platform neutralizes threats through browser isolation, a powerful technology that prevents breaches from occurring before they strike while also helping unburden IT and security teams, and improving their efficiency and productivity. Isla is unique in its ability to quickly create a Zero Trust environment by securing all code, media objects, and scripts in a remote virtual browser, and transforming it into a stream of harmless pixels that are then rendered to each end device. Isla thereby proactively eliminates nearly all infections and compromises.

The newest version of Isla delivers seamless scalability and availability, and enables organizations to effortlessly elevate their protection against heightened threat levels in ransomware, phishing, credential theft, malvertising and other types of attacks. With support for multiple browsers and operating systems, Isla ensures the simplicity of enterprise deployments while requiring no changes to user behavior.

“The internet plays a key role in just about everything businesses do, but it also presents the biggest security risk,” said Rajiv Raghunarayan, Senior Vice President, Products & Marketing for Cyberinc. “Staying ahead of bad actors in the cat-and-mouse game of cybersecurity is increasingly challenging given the strain on resources and complexities of layered detection-based approaches. Browser isolation changes the game for organizations, eliminating a vast number of threats before they enter the network. With the new enhancements introduced today, we’re enabling businesses of all sizes to adopt Isla in a flexible fashion – on-premise or cloud, physical or virtual – depending on their organizational needs. And we do this while ensuring simplicity of deployment and ease of use.”

Isla Version 5: Taking Browser Isolation to the Next Level

The new virtual appliance option found in Isla version 5 enables companies to leverage their existing infrastructure to gain the same benefits provided by Cyberinc’s on-prem hardware and cloud-based offerings. Companies have maximum freedom and flexibility to deploy the platform in the public or private cloud, at the edge, or as a hybrid solution to best fit their unique IT environment. Additionally, native cloud support means security teams can protect users no matter where they are, with a next-generation architecture to enable elastic scaling, load balancing, high availability and deployment simplicity.

The Isla Isolation Platform offers protection against web, email, and document-based attacks by eliminating major threat vectors and reducing the organization’s attack surface. Additional benefits of the Cyberinc solution include:

  • Security Before the Breach – Companies can stop threats before they become a breach and proactively get ahead of new threats
  • IT Productivity – Security and IT teams can stay ahead of attacks and focus on critical tasks instead of having to respond to burdensome alert storms
  • Broad Browser Support – Support for all major operating systems – such as Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as all major browsers
  • User Behavior and Threat Visibility – Isla’s rich dashboard provides insight into attack vectors and targeted users, as well as user behavior analytics
  • Acceptable Use Policy Enforcement – Enforce corporate and regulatory requirements with policy-based browsing controls and reporting

The Isla Isolation Platform version 5 is available immediately. Cyberinc is demonstrating the Isla platform at RSA 2020 at booth #5571 N, North Expo. Cyberinc CTO Neil Daswani is presenting “Hacked! Lessons from Big Name Breaches” on February 25 at 2:40 p.m. at South Briefing Center, booth S-1500. To schedule a demo or a meeting with Cyberinc executives at the event or for more information, click here.

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