Cyberinc Chrome Extension Privacy Policy

The Cyberinc Chrome Extension provided by Cyberinc, as part of the Isla Malware Isolation System, is solely provided as a supplemental utility to make the Chrome Zero Client a better user experience.

The Chrome Extension, in its normal operation forwards your navigated URIs addresses to your current ACTIVELY configured Control Center to verify proper isolation behaviour.  As part of this normal operation, your URI address may optionally be prepended with the configured Control Center’s URI and a hash symbol to indicate traffic isolation.  The organization in charge of your Control Center may monitor this URI address traffic solely for diagnostic purposes to ensure proper functioning of the Control Center.

No additional information is collected by the Cyberinc Chrome Extension, however the organization which provides your Control Center may have additional data gathering policy requirements that fall outside the scope of the Cyberinc Chrome Extension operation, and users should consult that organization for its privacy policies.

The Cyberinc Chrome Extension may come preconfigured for specific Control Centers, but only by specific customer request, intended for private organization use.

Distribution of extensions which include preconfigured Control Center information are limited to customers that have explicitly requested them.

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