Zero-Trust: Reimagining Security for the Financial Services Industry

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Zero-Trust: Reimagining Security for the Financial Services Industry

The Financial Service Industry is no stranger to attacks; in fact, it sees more attacks than any other industry and invests more into cybersecurity than most other industries. However, the reality of breaches remain.

A Zero-Trust approach to security offers speed, simplicity, and scalability to fully-protect networks. It’s a more proactive approach to security that empowers your already overloaded security teams to gain more, do more, and be more.

Download the whitepaper to find out what makes the industry uniquely vulnerable and how to adopt a Zero-Trust model to scale security to meet the needs of financial service providers.

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Reimagining Secure Web Access with Zero-Trust for Financial Services

Join us for a conversation on the unique cybersecurity challenges facing the Financial Services Industry and how IT and security leaders can build a scalable security strategy to handle them.

Securing Web Access for Luana Savings Bank

By adopting a Zero-trust approach with the Isla Isolation Platform, they achieved a 68% drop in malware detection alerts and a 100% elimination of Flash and Java malware exploits.

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